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Dorie’s Favorite Pecan Pie for Christmas Day

Merry Christmas!!!!! There is a lull in our house, so I thought I would take the time to wish you all a Happy Christmas. We just finished unwrapping presents (they were amazing-thanks family!) and everyone is quietly resting before the big meal. I am in a sugar coma, as all I have eaten today (and pretty much the entire week) are sweets. Claire and I spent yesterday afternoon making the desserts for tonight’s meal. Beth of Someone’s in the Kitchen with Brina picked this weeks TWD recipe and it seemed like a perfect fit for our Christmas celebration.

Pecan Pie

pecan pie with tree in the background

Hope you and your families are eating yummy treats and enjoying the holiday with loved ones!

PS- Claire and I didn’t make the crust, our mom did. She is the pastry chef extraordinaire in our household, there is no point in messing with something that works.