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Our first Tuesdays with Dorie

Well, I started the new year with our first TWD (thanks to Laurie for opening it up!). I figure a bit of a rough start means that there is no where to go but up. This Tuesday’s recipe, French Pear Tart on pages 368 and 369 was a challenging start for me as I am not a pie maker. As well, there are a ton of nut allergies in my workplace so I needed to make a nut-free tart. I took my situation to my good friend George, who is not only a nice guy but a total foodie, who better to ask for advice. George recommended a honey-vanilla cream instead so that is what I went with. I sure hope it counts because there is some serious artistic license going on here since I didn’t actually make a baked tart. I should have checked the P & Q section and then I would have seen that someone made the baked tart without the almonds, alas, I didn’t and thus I went with a fruit cream tart instead.

So the first challenge was finding a tart pan. I spend four hours on Sunday looking for one. Of course, I got way-laid by other items but you get my gist, hard to find. I guess it’s the whole post Christmas empty shelves thing as even Williams Sonoma didn’t have one.  So I went with the pie plate.

I was a bit nervous about the pastry cream as that was also a first. Now I consider myself a bit of a connoisseur of pastry creams. When I travel the world I frequent many a bakery and more often than not I choose an item with pastry cream. This was the best pastry cream I think I have had. So deliciously yummy! I want more just thinking about it, cream buns, mille feuille or even a boston cream!

I poached the pears and I think that they were just lovely. They looked pretty and smelled yummy. But unfortunately, I made them yesterday and today when the pie was eaten they were a little slimy and didn’t seem much different than canned pears. Again, lesson learned, poach the day of. But, man they looked fine yesterday.

So this is the final product, a little off track and not so lovely looking, but again, no where to go but up. (And I am so hoping that no one stops by our new little project to take a look as this is so not my best work!) (oh and sorry Claire this could have been better!)