Monthly Archives: October 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

Well hello! Long time no chat! Caroline and I took a little hiatus over the summer and I am feeling the need to restart the baking goodness! And what a better time of year to start things fresh than Thanksgiving weekend and a new pumpkin treat!

Our family didn’t get to have our turkey dinner this weekend as we were spread out across the province with busy work schedules. So I was here in Ottawa and celebrated¬† Thanksgiving with some of my new family! Unfortunately, Neil had to work and he had asked me to bake him some cookies. I figured a festive fall cookie was in order.

I found this recipe that looked delicious! The cookies were super easy to make and they were done in 12-13 minutes. The frosting was delicious and I may have had a few spoonfuls from the bowl when I was done frosting them all.