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TWD: Floating Islands

Given that I am the big sis, I feel that I have to let Claire get first dibs on the Tuesdays with Dorie recipes. Thus, I got floating islands. Don’t get me wrong, this looks like a pretty dessert, great to feed to company etc. But I live alone, and this isn’t the most portable of desserts. Regardless, given that Claire assigned it to me, I made it, such an obedient big sister, now let me tell you about it.

Well for starters, I have to say any recipe that lets me use my brand new Christmas present of a Kitchen Aid mixer, gets some props.  I started with the creme anglaise, which went fine I guess. I thought it turned out a little lumpy and my straining didn’t go that well but whatever, it was fine. I used my brand new candy thermometer, which I had always meant to pick up but did so just for this recipe. I think it was around 180, close enough anyways. When I tasted the sauce I thought it tasted a little eggy. Hard for me to tell though because sometimes when I know what is in something, then that’s all I can taste. Like if I know someone baked with oil instead of butter, I swear I can taste it. It is all in my head no doubt, but what can you do.


Okay so then I moved on to the meringue. This went fine, until I got to the poaching part. I guess when I think of meringue, I think of pavlova and as such I was a little disappointed. I mean you poach it and you don’t get any nice crispiness, just fluffy airy-ness, which is good but it is not pavlova.



Poaching Times

Poaching Times

So I assembled the whole thing and I didn’t eat it. It just didn’t look that yummy. But I am totally glad that I made it, as I had never poached a meringue before and I always wanted a candy thermometer and I really love using my mixer. Oh yeah and Claire told me I had to do it so that is reason enough. I checked out Shari’s post over at Whisk, since this was her recipe choice, and of course I subscribe to her blog.  I almost didn’t post after that, her’s looked amazing and her photos rocked. But alas, Claire and I are infant bloggers, can’t expect perfection yet, so here is our go. I also didn’t post when I read this on Dorie’s blog

“Every Tuesday, when the TWD bakers post, I try to visit as many of the members’ blogs as I can before my conscience starts screaming at me and telling to me to get back to work. ”

Hopefully her conscience keeps her away from here for a while as we perfect the art of baking, from our home to yours.