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Armenian Orange Cake

Remember how I shared with you the lemon tarts I made up in Smithers? Well here is another yummy treat I made while I was there.  I somehow managed to mangle this recipe completely.  I think it was the pressure, once people know I have a baking blog I seem to choke a little, ugg. So I messed up the sugar and I didn’t read the instructions and added the nuts in the cake rather than on top. I actually prefer the integrated nuts (as opposed to putting them on top of the cake) and highly recommend it. I made one without nuts and it was delicious as well (let’s face it I am not a nut person so when I can avoid them I do).

What I dig about this cake is the fact that you get two different textures out of one mixture. It is like making a square but in a cake format without having to bake two layers. Basically you use part of the recipe to make a crumb base and then you add more wet ingredients to get the cake bit. Go check it out and if you have any other recipes similar to this let me know.

Armenian Orange Cakee

Armenian Orange Cake

This is another Best of Bridge recipe and it is available on their website. I have a Best of Bridge cookbook but haven’t used it for a while. I am inspired to peruse mine after these two great successes.