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TWD Sweet Cream Biscuits

It may appear that I have been lagging in the baking department but it’s just that I haven’t made any new recipes lately. So it was definately my turn to contribute to Tuesdays with Dorie. This weeks recipe was chosen by Melissa of Love at First Bite. I was just checking out her site and I found some yummy recipes that look delicious!

Not the greatest photo... sorry!

Anyways, on to the recipe. I was home last week getting the winter tires off my car and spent a lovely day with my mum. I have never made biscuits before and since my mum makes the best scones, I figured she was the perfect person to make them with. The biscuits were super easy to whip up and came out looking lovely. With a little jam (and butter or clotted cream if you are into that!), these make a perfect afternoon snack with some tea! In my family, all biscuit/scone recipes are compared to my mum’s recipe. These weren’t quite as sweet as my mum’s but she did say she liked them so that is an accomplishment:)

I will try and get some new baking in over the next week or two!