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Christmas Countdown- Triple-Chocolate Cranberry Oatmeal Cookies

Wow, I can’t believe that tomorrow is Christmas Eve. Today was the first of my five days of vacation and I had the good fortune to spend it with great friends. I also managed to fit in a hair appointment and a Christmas manicure, I figure in the midst of all the festivities self-care is essential! Last night S. and I made these awesome cookies. I had been looking for something delicious that included cranberries and I think I hit on a new go-to recipe.

Nine Triple-Chocolate Cranberry Oatmeal Cookies on a red Christmas plate with a Merry Christmas Card in the background

I love these cookies because of the contrast between the tartness of the berries and the sweetness of the chocolate. Also, any recipe that calls for three kinds of chocolate chips gets an A+ from me. The recipe is available here. All the best in your final preparations for Christmas.


Triple Chocolate Cranberry Oatmeal Cookies Close up shot on red plate




Tarte Fine

It’s 11:20 and I am just sitting down to write this post. Talk about a close call! I was in Oakville tonight, having dinner with my good friend Nikki. Nikki lives in Ecuador,  so we don’t get to see each other very often. We spent the evening eating and chatting; it was great. I made a nice healthy dinner, a Moroccan Chicken Stew, from an Anne Lindsay cookbook. Then, I made Tarte Fine. Not so healthy, but so quick and tasty.

Tarte Fine

Leslie of Lethally Delicious picked this week’s recipe and it was a winner. Shockingly I made the sweeter, playing around version! Anything that suggests adding more sugar and butter is good for me. Be sure to head on over to Leslie’s great blog for the recipe and check out Tuesday’s with Dorie to see what other bloggers got up to.


Lemon Coconut Tea Cake TWD

Spring, don’t you just love it? Toronto is emerging out of winter and I couldn’t be happier, I am NOT a winter person. The temperatures are rising, the grass is greening and hope is in the air. I just can’t get enough of it. Since Claire, my sister and co-blogger, is in Jamaica I made this week’s TWD recipe (even though my term paper is due tomorrow!) I have to say I am glad I was ‘forced’ to make this one, it was delicious. And I made it spring like by adding lemon, spring is lemony, don’t you think?

Coconut Lemon Tea Cake

I made mine in multiple pans. I used my new heart shaped muffin tin (thanks Jenny!), some mini bundts and a 9 x5 loaf pan. You have just got to love a cake in multiple formats (I think that may be the librarian in me speaking!)  Another reason I liked this recipe was that it was quick and easy, very important at the end of the semester. This one gets two thumbs up from me. My faithful tester S. will get his tonight so we will see what he thinks. Thanks to Carmen of Carmen Cooks for picking this one, good call! Head on over to her blog for the recipe or check out another TWD baker.