Lemon Poppyseed (and Blueberry) Muffins- TWD

Let me just say that I now believe that all lemon muffins should have lemon curd in them. The sheer genius of that is unparalleled. I was fortunate enough to have a little container of lemon curd in my freezer and when I saw that suggestion in the playing around section I jumped on it. I am smitten with these muffins. Basically you make them as normal but put a tsp or so of lemon curd in the middle. Scrumptious.

Now I am not the biggest poppyseed fan so I made half with blueberries. They IMHO were superior. But I guess that’s a preference. I didn’t glaze them as I am taking them to my parent’s house this weekend and I needed to freeze them. I will confess that I had two for supper on Sunday night. My coworker commented that muffins aren’t the healthiest dinner. But what about the blueberries and lemons? Aren’t they healthy;)

Thanks to Betsy of A Cup of Sweetness for picking this recipe. BTW I love the header on Betsy’s blog, so pretty!


PS We are hosting the Tuesdays with Dorie crowd in February!!!! It was really hard to pick a recipe. In case your wondering, it’s of the chocolate variety. Stay tuned.

6 responses to “Lemon Poppyseed (and Blueberry) Muffins- TWD

  1. I almost did blueberries, too. This time, I just went with some raspberry jam, but the lemon curd sounds fantastic!

  2. i’m sure blueberreis were fantastic in this!

  3. very good variations, and i will have to try the lemon curd thing!

  4. Good call on the lemon curd – my mom saw this recipe in my book and immediately said that’s how she’d make them. Can’t wait to see what you guys picked for your week!!

  5. Im loving the idea of lemon curd and blueberries! I stuck with the recipe but may have to tweek it next time! your muffins look so good and make me want one now!!

  6. I think these are good for any meal! Thanks for baking with me this week, your muffins look great! I love blueberry too. Looking forward to baking your recipe next month!

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