Coffee Break Muffins TWD

I love coffee. I can’t go a day without it, the darker the better. That being said, I don’t always choose coffee flavoured food. But given that Claire just finished her old job, and has a week off before starting a new one, I thought I better be a good big sister (is it weird that I still refer to her as my little sister and Sarah as my big sister?) and make this weeks recipe so she can focus on fun.

Coffee muffins on a white plate with bricks in the background

I whipped them up last night and I’ll be honest, at first I wasn’t impressed. I added chocolate chips (because they were begging for them) but otherwise stuck to the recipe. I ate one hot out of the oven and was underwhelmed. I like to bring my baked goods to work and today I gave them out apologetically. However, when I got around to having one, I was impressed by them. They were actually very tasty. I mean, I have my favourite muffin recipes and this isn’t likely to upstage them, but they were pretty darn good. Thanks to Rhiani of Chocoholic Anonymous for picking this recipe.


7 responses to “Coffee Break Muffins TWD

  1. i like the square tins you used. I enjoyed them and I”m sure your coworkers did too!

  2. Love the cute shape of your muffins.

  3. It’s interesting how flavours can devlop over night. I’ve reacted badly to goodies that taste like heaven a day later. Your muffins do look delicious!

  4. oh, what a little time does for baked goods. all the flavors build and collide, what a happy incident! i love that they are square, btw.

  5. chocoholicanonymous

    I glad you ended up enjoying them, and I love the square shape!

  6. Cool square muffins. Im glad you ended up liking them Maybe the flavors had to mingle a little before they tasted good!
    I am not a big coffee fan in baked goods. I used chai tea!

  7. Sorry it wasn’t a hit for you. The chocolate in mine made these for me. Love the square muffins, by the way.

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