TWD Peanut Butter cookies

I told one of my co-workers the other day that I think I am ready to start baking more often. Perhaps it was the realization that it is September and I will soon be able to bake in my little apartment without having to pump A/C. Or perhaps it was the return of the pumpkin spice latte at Starbucks to get me into the fall spirit! Whichever it was, I think I am ready to dive into some more consistent baking over the next few months!

First on my list, helping bake chocolate chip cookies for my friend Leah’s wedding. She is leaving a little treat in the hotel rooms that are booked for the wedding. I think this is a super cute idea and I am glad to help! I have already made one batch to test whether they are freezer friendly and in the coming week I will be whipping up a new recipe to test! So stay tuned for that!

Next on the list, a TWD post! Caroline has done a great job in the recent posts and I am glad to contribute again. I made these Friday night and shipped all but 3 little cookies (featured above) off to a cottage with the bf. I was stuck in Ottawa, working the whole long weekend. ugh.

Anyways, enough whining. As some of you may notice, I left the “crisscrosses” out of the title of this recipe because I added chocolate chips and I found that the crisscrossing action was not as effective when chips were in the way! So I just pressed them down a bit with my hands and that seemed to do the trick. These cookies were very yummy! I loved the sugar coating on the outside. I omitted the nuts in exchange for the chocolate chips, but otherwise stuck to the recipe. I myself am a fan of softer cookies, so after the first batch came out a little harder than I would like, I played around with different times (anywhere from 10 to 12 minutes). Then the bf and I did a little taste-testing. We agreed on the least baked ones as being the favourite but I am waiting to hear how the cookies went down at the cottage to let you know what others thought! These are a cookie I would make again, they were quick and easy and went over quite well with both of us!

Note: There was nothing said about which was the preferred cookie but apparently the cookies were all eaten up by the end of the first night! I will take that as a good sign:)

Thanks to Jasmine of Jasmine Cuisine for selecting this weeks recipe. You can find it on page 78 of BFMHTY or head on over to Jasmine’s blog to check out the recipe.


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