TWD Brrrr-ownies

Caroline is away on holidays and just as I was expecting, I received an email today asking if I was going to be doing any TWD posting in the weeks she was away. However, I had already bought the York Peppermint patties lastnight and I just baked them up this afternoon!

I have enjoyed Dorie’s brownie recipes thus far so I was pretty excited about this recipe, plus I love chocolate and mint! Also, I am going away this weekend with friends and I am happy that my baking might actually get eaten up for once!

These brownies were fudgy and very moist. I loved the mint patties and I think these would make a great addition to Christmas baking! I will definately make this recipe again:) Thanks to Karen of Welcome to our Crazy Blessed Life for choosing this weeks recipe.

Sorry for the poor lighting. It was a grey and rainy day in Ottawa so I wasn’t in a rush because I figured the lighting would be bad no matter what! Oh well:)



One response to “TWD Brrrr-ownies

  1. 10 out of 10!

    I showed my coworkers these pictures they were so good.

    Please make these again and again and again.

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