White Chocolate Brownies TWD

I made these on the weekend to take with me for a Sunday lunch with friends. Sunday was beautiful in Waterloo and we spent the afternoon eating yummy bbq and enjoying the sun. This seemed like a great recipe for a summer-ish day. I was all over this recipe as I love white chocolate and raspberries. But I have to admit I really didn’t dig these. I made the coulis which was delicious, but otherwise found them a bit bland and dry. S. on the other hand dug them quite abit so maybe I am not the best judge. If I made them again I might add chocolate chips or something else to jazz them up. (Note: I didn’t make the meringue as this made a big pan and you can’t freeze meringue).


Image Credit Pamela Fane


Head over to Marthe’s blog for the recipe and check out other TWD bloggers to see if they had more success than I did.


2 responses to “White Chocolate Brownies TWD

  1. I enjoyed the flavors. I topped them with orange buttercream.

  2. Sorry they weren’t your thing (they’re such a strange brownie) – but still fun to make! There’s other brownies down the road – no worries!

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