TWD – Banana Coconut (and Caramel) Ice Cream Pie

I made this recipe this past weekend when I was home in Kingston. We had great weather and we enjoyed this pie after a lovely dinner outside. Conveniently, it was a long weekend so there were more people home to eat the dessert!

I am not one for making changes to recipes (to those who know me, I’m sure this doesn’t come as a shocker) but Caroline and I made a few changes that I think took this pie to the next level!  I used graham crumbs instead of the cookies and I used only about 1 cup of coconut, adding an extra cup of graham crumbs instead. Though next time, I might leave the coconut out entirely. Then, after layering the bananas along the bottom, we put a layer of dulce de leche. Finally, instead of using chocolate ice cream, I chose to use vanilla. I liked this recipe because Dorie gave lots of ideas for ways to change it up and I think that the ones we used were great. Considering this is like a summer version of banoffee pie, this is definately a recipe I would make again!

Thanks to Spike of spike.bakes for selecting this weeks recipe. It was definately perfect timing for an ice cream dessert. The recipe can be found on page 350 of BFMHTY or you can head over to Spike’s blog to check it out.


7 responses to “TWD – Banana Coconut (and Caramel) Ice Cream Pie

  1. Im glad you enjoyed the recipe. I like that you can change it up to fit your needs! I made a chocolate pie!

  2. You added a layer of dulce? Excellent idea. Your pie looks wonderful!

  3. Your pie looks great, and your subs sound like a wonderful improvement! Kingston, ON? I was just down the road a bit, and it certainly was a beautiful holiday weekend. I could do without the 38 degree humidex today, though:)

  4. Wonderful pie !!! Ciao !

  5. teaandscones

    Adding teh dulche de leche – BRILLIANT!! And it looks soooo good!!!

  6. nice job!!! happy twding 🙂
    great idea to add the DDL.

  7. LOVE the dulce de leche- brilliant!

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