Baking night with the girls

Last weekend, I got together with a few friends for a night of baking and wine. This night had been suggested because the girls seem to think I have some baking skills to pass along. I’m not so sure about that, but I was all for a night of baked goods and wine drinking:)

Requests were made for few things that have been posted previously, including the caramel squares and mini-egg cookies. I was in charge of the caramel squares while the girls did a fabulous job with the mini-egg cookies. My request for the night were these squares. I have wanted to make these for a while, but a 9×13 pan of squares is not just something you whip up any night of the week!

Theses squares were everything I imagined, and a little bit more:) They may look familiar to many of you because there are many recipes that use this combination of ingredients. What I liked though, was that instead of putting the coconut with the chocolate chips and condensed milk, they are toasted and mixed in with the graham crumbs. I managed to keep a few to take home with me this weekend and Caroline and everyone else agreed that this was a nice twist. I have already had requests to make another batch and bring more home:)

Thanks to the girls for a great night and allowing me to try this recipe. A special thanks to Leah (and Rhys!) for hosting and cleaning up after us. Hope you all enjoyed the evening:)


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