Apple-Apple Bread Pudding- TWD

I have never been much for bread pudding. I don’t like that is seems kinda soggy and eggy and in my opinion, neither are good qualities in a baked good. But given that I had been away, and Claire hadn’t gotten in any early May TWD baking, it seemed we “had” to make this one. Fortunately, S. likes bread pudding (well let’s face it, he likes most baked goods) so I whipped this up on Sunday for him.

I have to admit that I ate some right out of the oven and it was tasty. I made a 1/3 of the recipe and substituted skim milk for the cream and whole milk. I really don’t dig cream so much and I sure wasn’t thinking bread pudding was worthy of the overindulgence (now caramel, that’s a different matter!) I liked that the recipe included apple butter, which I tasted for the first time in the process of making this. It’s a tasty treat and I am going to look for other things to bake with it.

Apple Apple Bread Pudding  straight out of the oven

The other thing I liked about this recipe was the caramelized apples. I have never caramelized before *hanging head in shame* and I was happy with the chance to learn a new skill. Plus, butter and sugar, my favorites! I can’t wait to try caramelizing something else now.

Apple-Apple Bread Pudding for Consumption

Thanks to Elizabeth of Cake or Death? for choosing a recipe I never would have tried on my own. My TWD peeps are going to make a well-rounded baker out of me yet. Head on over to TWD to see what other bakers got up to.


PS Due to repeated requests we have decided to sign our blog posts. When I brought this suggestion to Claire she replied with indignation “Can’t they tell???!!!” Apparently you guys can’t so we will oblige.

6 responses to “Apple-Apple Bread Pudding- TWD

  1. That looks so yummy, I think I will try making it this weekend, if it works out I will bring you some

  2. That last picture makes me want to lick the screen!

    Try that apple butter on some banana bread. Yum!

  3. Looks good! I predict you’ll be caramelizing everything in sight now, and spreading apple butter on the rest!

  4. WOw does that look great. It would be perfect on a day like today in Idaho..cold and rainy!

  5. That last photo looks really tasty!

  6. your custard/bread ratio looks spot on!

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