Banoffee Pie

As I previously mentioned, I had a birthday party on the weekend. I took requests and my good friend Bindhu piped up with banoffee pie request. Now, BZ’s would tell you that she has been asking for this for years, so I guess it was about time that I made it for her. The banoffee pie (from now on to be called BP) was the surprise hit of the evening. It was the only dessert on the table that was eaten in it’s entirety, in fact I didn’t even get a piece. S. was kind enough to give me a bite of his so I can at least report that it was a tasty treat.

Banoffee Pie Image Credit Robin Bergart

Now those of you who are regulars around here know that there is no way that I took this picture. My friend Robin is a great photographer and she snapped some photos of my baked goods for the blog. I should get her to take all my photos, she rocks. Doesn’t my BP look seductive? It’s daring you to try some. Thanks RB!

BP Image Credit Robin Bergart

I followed Curtis Stone’s BP recipe, sorta. I layered bananas over the bottom of the pie crust and then I poured all of the toffee over the bananas. I added a couple of tbsps or so of sugar to the whipping cream to sweeten it up. I then took one of my favorite chocolate bars, a Cadbury Twirl and crumbled it on top. You should go make this, it’s a keeper.

4 responses to “Banoffee Pie

  1. Are you going to talk about the Pavlova too? That thing was amazing! I had two pieces.

  2. This was SO yummy:)

  3. Pavlova has been done before, it’s all summery in this one.

  4. Banoffie Pie is David’s specialty! He loves making it for friends and family. I had never heard of it before he found the recipe (for some school project he was doing I think). Will have to get him to check out your post and recipe!

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