Coolest Birthday Gift Ever!

I had a birthday party this past weekend. It was a 30th birthday do-over (three years later) that was awesome. About 30 friends and family gathered to drink wine and of course, eat baked goods. In attendance were friends from elementary school, high school, undergrad, grad school and work, all under one roof; it was beyond fun. The reason I bring this up is that at the party my friend Rachel gave me the coolest gift ever. She made me a scrapbook of the first year of our blog, Bake with Us in PRINT, how cool!

Bake with Us in Print

Rachel selected a variety of posts including our first TWD (which was a disaster, but memorable), baking with my niece, recipes made to impress suitors, family recipes, Christmas recipes and celebratory ones. It was amazing! Rachel is a creative and thoughtful friend and I was touched by the care she took in creating me such a special birthday gift. Thanks Rachel!

Claire, Caroline and Rachel

It took us five tries to get this photo, there was lots of laughter, shakiness, closed eyes and guffaws in the making of this photo. No baked goods were harmed.

TWD: About and the RULES

Rachel took special care to include information about TWD, which of course was the inspiration for this little piece of the blogosphere. I will be sure to post some of the baking that was served at the party. Claire and I made some new recipes and some old standbys including lemon squares, caramel squares, and my favourite cake (it was my birthday after all!)

3 responses to “Coolest Birthday Gift Ever!

  1. OK – seriously the best give ever. Rachel is the best. AND I finally saw words in print attributed to myself – that never happens!

  2. that is pretty awesome!

    Any chance on a finding out where she had it printed?

  3. That is such a wonderful and thoughtful gift!!! I love it! – mary

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