Chocolate Banana Pie: Our First Guest Post!!!!

Greetings to the readers of Bake With Us!  This is my first post on a baking blog (or any other blog, for that matter), and I’m thrilled to have an opportunity to share the wonders of this dessert. This was a special Valentine’s Day treat from Georgia’s own Paula Deen.  This is one of her (ahem) “lighter” recipes…

I definitely prefer the martini glass presentation, as it gives me an opportunity to use copious amounts of graham crumbs!  Please note: be sure to keep the portion sizes to a minimum.  Though this dessert looks like a pudding or a trifle, it’s much heavier than it looks.  A little goes a long way!  I improvised some dark chocolate chips on the top of the whipped cream.  Serve with… Sri Lankan deep-fried meat pastries, in my case.  After all, what’s a Valentine’s Day without a little indulgence?

Shirantha's Dessert

Editor’s Note:  Special thanks to my favourite baritone saxophone player for a) making me this Valentine’s Day treat and b) blogging about it.

2 responses to “Chocolate Banana Pie: Our First Guest Post!!!!

  1. Nicely done, Shirantha!

  2. Looks yummy, but I esp like the presentation! Great job!!

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