Rick Katz’s Brownies for Julia TWD

So last night, as I was making these, (three cheers for me for getting them done before Tuesday) I was talking to S. and when I told him I was baking brownies, he attempted to get me to drive to Oakville to bring him some. A taxi service, I am not, but these were very tasty so I can’t fault him for trying. We have a party on Sunday so I used an 8 x 8 pan for the majority of the batter and made some brownie tarts for him. I had to try a little so I made a mini bundt for me. Thank goodness for a multitude of baking pans.

Thanks to Tanya of Chocolatechic for selecting today’s recipe. Dorie suggested that they should be a little gooey in the middle. I think I may have overbaked mine a little but regardless they were very tasty. I also cheated as I only had bittersweet chocolate on hand. Otherwise, I followed the directions and resisted the temptation to add white chocolate chips.  In my world, you can’t ever have too much chocolate so maybe next time I will add them.

4 responses to “Rick Katz’s Brownies for Julia TWD

  1. Where’s my brownie!?? You know how I feel about them…

  2. They look cute, nice and round!

  3. Love the little tarts! These were so delicious!!

  4. Those little tarts look really yummy! Perfect for some ice cream, too.

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