Cake Decorating

This past weekend, I took a cake decorating course at Artistic Cake Design in Ottawa. My friend Cindy, who is planning on making her friend’s wedding cake, had told me about the class and I decided to tag along. Considering that fact that I am pretty much the least creative person ever, I was a little nervous about how the class would go. Note: when I was in grade 8, I was told my painting was a waste of paint by my art teacher! However, I had a lot of fun and even though my cake was not the prettiest in the class, the day was full of learning and laughs!

The final product

Other than decorating this beauty of a cake, we learned some helpful hints about making and colouring icing and learned other decorating techniques such as character cakes (we did a snowman in class). I would definately recommend this course to anyone who was interested. They offer other courses that you can find on their website, but be warned, they fill up quickly! At the end of the day, everyone got to take home the decorating tools they used during the day, as well as their final cake! I was going out that night with friends, so I brought the cake along!

One response to “Cake Decorating

  1. GCS – this looks fantastic – great work. I am impressed and have lofty expectations of what magic you can create for Fiona’s birthday cake. Well done you.

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