Sticky Toffee Pudding

This post is a little late but it marks our one year anniversary of the blog. Perhaps one of our New Year’s resolutions will be to try and be more consistent with our blogging!? Anyways, on to the baking!

In our family, we are creatures of habit. So, when I decided to make a new Christmas dessert, it was met with some apprehension and perhaps, a little dismay. So much so, that on Boxing Day my mum had to make the traditional sherry trifle just do keep certain members of the family happy (hint: he is the only male in the Stewart family).

Merry Merry!

I originally had this recipe with Caroline when we were visiting her friend Pam and it was so yummy! I looked at other recipes for sticky toffee pudding but figured it was better to stick with something we knew would be good! Needless to say, even though there were some people who didn’t seem interested in the dessert (because it had dates in it!?) everyone seemed to like it. In our family, caramel is loved and who can’t like a cake covered in it! Plus, the recipe is Irish, how appropriate.

Thanks to Pam for finding this yummy recipe! Oh, and Happy New Year from Bake with Us!

3 responses to “Sticky Toffee Pudding

  1. and thanks to Lauren for bringing it to me!

  2. I have this recipe too but have never tried it. It looks delicious – may give it a try for next Christmas!

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