A new banana recipe

This past weekend, some friends were in town staying with the bf. So I thought I would make a sweet treat for him to have on hand for his guests. I had recently saved this recipe for banana bread because I was intrigued by the combination. I have another recipe for banana bread that I will share with you another time but I felt like trying something new.

To be honest, the loaf didn’t turn out as I expected. I didn’t use the peanut butter chips and maybe that would have made a difference because I found the flavour was neither here nor there. It could have either done with a little stronger banana flavour or a little more peanut butter (through the chips). Also, from making other banana recipes in the past I think it may have something to do with using frozen bananas. Does anyone else find that the flavour is never as strong if they have been frozen??

On a side note, it was my most successful loaf removal from pan so if nothing else I gained practice at that! You can check out other yummy recipes at The Repressed Pastry Chef or give this one a try and see if you have better luck!

2 responses to “A new banana recipe

  1. I don’t find the flavour effected by freezing the bananas but the bananas have to be ripe before you freeze them, more sugar more flavour.

  2. Clucks, I agree with Dalia. I always freeze my bananas. Maybe it was just a sucky recipe. We must talk Christmas Baking soon! Yeah for baking season.

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