All in one Holiday Bundt Cake TWD

I love pumpkin desserts and this cake was no exception. I like to call the pumpkin treats whenever they show up on the TWD recipe list, fortunately Claire let me have this one as well. I baked this on the weekend for S. and his family. Sometimes I give away my baking and I forget to take pictures (okay a lot of the time) but this time I had the foresight to make a mini-bundt for me, in addition to the large one. And I sure was glad I did, as this cake was delicious. I made the maple glaze to go with my mini-bundt. Seriously, adding maple to anything is a recipe for success.

All in one Holiday Bundt

Thanks to Britin of The Nitty Britty for choosing a great recipe. Go check out the antics that the other bakers got up to over at Tuesdays with Dorie.

3 responses to “All in one Holiday Bundt Cake TWD

  1. Maple glaze definitly goes with everything. Love your little mini-bundt!

  2. Beautiful mini! I actually made this three weeks ago and did a rewind this week (can’t do the Chestnut Cake right now). However, the first time I made this cake it stuck in my pan. I bought a new pan and made it again last night, perfection!

  3. Your mini looks divine! I made this last week and loved it. And, the maple glaze was a winner!

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