Pumpkin Apple Bundt

Did you know that today is National Bundt Day (at least in the United States anyways)? I know because Mary The Food Librarian has just finished 30 days of Bundts, affectionately named I Like Big Bundts. Mary’s blog is awesome and she is a bundt aficionado and thus, we were treated to 30 days of bundts. I couldn’t let the day pass without getting in on the action so I made the Pumpkin Apple Bundt from day three. I was tempted by many of them and I am sure that I will refer back to them when the bundt urge hits again. Thanks Mary for such a great event!


Post photo taking I added a Maple glaze to the cake. I mixed icing sugar, maple syrup and a bit of water (you could use milk but I didn’t have any). I think this added a little something special, a good improvisation if you will.

6 responses to “Pumpkin Apple Bundt

  1. Mary is amazing, I can’t believe she made all those bundts! 🙂 And every one looked delish, just like yours does 🙂

    I celebrated today by buying a new bundt pan. Mine was so old and the cakes kept sticking, so what better day to by a new one?

  2. As it happens, I have a bundt pan on my Christmas list! I hope Santa brings me one so I can make yummy bundts too:)

  3. It was really good. Thanks, Caroline!

  4. yummy cake CareCare!

  5. Hello Claire and Caroline!

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  6. Super duper delicious! Thanks for joining in on National Bundt Day!! Your Bundt looks so tasty! I’m going to do a little round up later this week. – mary the food librarian

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