Pumpkin-Chocolate-Chip Squares

Our mum doesn’t like pumpkin and therefore it wasn’t until about 3 or 4 years ago that I discovered pumpkin. It all started with Starbucks of all places, at Christmas of all times. Caroline and I were in the middle of some boxing day shopping and we stopped for a drink and decided to try the pumpkin scone. It was delicious and so began my appreciation for pumpkin (though I’m still not a big fan of the pie).

Caroline mentioned in the last post that she had some more yummy recipes to bring you from the can of pumpkin she opened. Last weekend when we were home for Thanksgiving I enjoyed the squares she made and had planned on bringing some home with me. But of course, I forgot the box of goodies. So I decided to whip some up with some pumpkin I had in the freezer. I brought them to work and they were a hit. Even one of the pharmacists who seems to have an “allergy” to many foods asked for the recipe!


I have made these squares a couple of times now and have requests for more. I only ever make them in the fall but I think I might start baking them other times too! Poor pumpkin, it gets forgotten for too much of the year.

The recipe can be found here. Thanks to Martha Stewart and I would suggest you make these in the coming week or two as a Halloween treat!  I didn’t make any changes other than a few less chocolate chips but when Caroline made them she used mini chips and that worked well too!

One response to “Pumpkin-Chocolate-Chip Squares

  1. Love the photo, yours look great Claire! These squares are the best!

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