Banana Bread instead of Flaky Apple Turnovers

Claire is off on vacation these days and my life has been a little wild. Thus, no TWD this week (Head on over to Someone’s in the Kitchen for apple turnovers). Here is some healthier banana bread instead.

I went to London to visit some friends over the Labour Day weekend. I wanted to bring some baking and since I had some banana’s lying around I decided to make banana bread. I like making loafs because they look so nice and  because I am never tempted to break into them (it would look pretty lame to show up with a loaf that was missing a few slices). That being said, since I didn’t make one for me,  I felt  a little bad when a friend and I stopped by my apartment and I had nothing for him. He complimented me on the smell and I told him to keep his paws off. Poor thing.


In talking to some of our readers  I realized that some of you would be interested in healthier choices, not something we really specialize in here at Bake with Us. I went over to Cooking Light and came up with this recipe for banana bread. I did get to try the bread and I can tell you it is pretty tasty, a nice addition to my banana repetoire. So this one is for those of you who are looking to eat a slightly healthier treat, enjoy!

3 responses to “Banana Bread instead of Flaky Apple Turnovers

  1. That photo is making me hungry! I love Cooking Light! Nice choice for banana bread.

  2. Christine Victorino

    I love to add little chocolate chips!

  3. I think I made these before the blog began!

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