Cornflake Crispies

This past weekend I had a date with my niece for our first auntie/niece baking event. We talked about it for a few weeks and although she was excited to come, she wouldn’t come with out her momma. This worked to our advantage though as it meant that we had our own personal photographer.

A baker in training, one must run before baking, allows you to eat more

A baker in training, it's advisable to run before baking, allows you to eat more

I decided that our foray into baking should involve chocolate but it needed to be easy. I settled on cornflake crispies. These are a personal favorite of mine. I used to work down the street from a Scottish bakery, Rising Dough. Before going home for any family event I would stop off and load up on treats: cornflake crispies, empire cookies, pineapple creams, plain bread etc. These treats reminded us of Ireland and made us all happy. Since I don’t live near the bakery anymore, it was high time I made these myself and they seemed like a perfect treat to make with a 3 year old.

Cornflake Crispies (from How to be a Domestic Goddess)

100 g milk chocolate
25 g butter
1 tsp golden syrup
50 g cornflakes

Melt the chocolate and the butter, using a double boiler or the microwave. Stir in the golden syrup (you can use corn syrup if you don’t have any Lyle’s) and then mix in the cornflakes. Spoon them into a mini-muffin tins and place in fridge set. If you want to make adult sized crispies, double the recipe and put them into regular sized muffin tins.

Princess's need to take a break, that's why they have aunties.

The princess needed to take a break, good thing she had a lady in waiting.

5 responses to “Cornflake Crispies

  1. Looks great Carrie! It appears my vacation is having a positive effect on the blog!

  2. Not as positive as the effects you have on our blog! Can’t wait for you to come back. Look for yummy British recipes that we can share with our readers!

  3. I love sweet treats like that. Reminds me of “candy making” with my mom.

  4. These are a fav of mine too!
    I also love haystacks with shredded wheat, peanut butter and chocolate.

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