Lemon Cream Cheese Tarts

I just spent a week in beautiful Smithers, British Columbia (ok technically it was Telkwa but close enough). One of my close friends, Lisa, got married to a great guy and I was fortunate enough to spend a week up there. Lisa has an amazing family and I was honoured to be a recipient of their hospitality. In an effort to contribute to the wedding festivities I offered help in whatever manner would be most useful. I was put to work in the kitchen, which as you can imagine, was no inconvenience for me. I got to try new recipes and I was happy to be a part of wedding central.

Lemony Cream Cheese Goodness

Lemony Cream Cheese Goodness

Lisa’s girl’s night was a fun night and on the menu were these gems. Lisa’s mom made the shortbread tart shells so I am only partially responsible for this posting. She is an great baker and chef and I was lucky to complete the recipe.  These tarts are amazing bundles of cream cheese lemony goodness and oh yeah, there is condensed milk in them. Can you imagine anything better? This is a Best of Bridge recipe and the recipe is available on their website. I made the cheese version but their plain lemon filling looks great too.

group tarts

The flowers and raspberries were courtesy of Lisa’s mom garden, a magical place to be sure.  I will definately be sharing these with my family and won’t be surprised if they become a favorite of ours.

2 responses to “Lemon Cream Cheese Tarts

  1. Mmm … they were so smooth and yummy! An absolute treat – you won’t be able to stop after one. I polished two myself and would’ve gladly had a 3rd but they were all gone (they’re bite-size … well, okay 2-bites) Love the pics!

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