TWD Brownie Buttons

This weeks recipe was chosen by Jayma of Two Scientists Experimenting in the Kitchen. Since Caroline is away with my mum and our auntie for the week, this weeks recipe was mine for the testing. If you have been following our blog for a while, it seems that I have done most of the brownie recipes. So I guess that means I am becoming an expert on the Dorie brownie.

I was pretty excited about this recipe because these brownies are super cute! I was originally not going to put the orange in but then I decided.. Terry’s chocolate orange is so good, why wouldn’t it be good in my brownie? Well I’m not sure if I just had a particularly large orange and therefore had too much zest or if I’m just not in love with orange in my brownies, but the orange didnt’ do anything for me. However, I must say I was once again pleased with Dorie’s brownie recipe. Since I am still struggling to figure out my apartments oven, I was happy to have a properly baked brownie and that was still moist but not too moist:) I would definately make this recipe again and just leave out the orange.

brownie buttons

brownie buttons

I must also confess that the white chocolate thing didn’t turn out so well but whatever, they still look cute! I think next time I might even put a real chocolate button on top:) Thanks to Jayma for picking this weeks recipe and you can head on over to her blog for the recipe.

7 responses to “TWD Brownie Buttons

  1. I frosted mine with orange cream cheese frosting.

  2. Mine didn’t look so as good as yours. The frosting was good but looked strange!

  3. Looks great Claire! Good job, hope you have one in the freezer for me. Nice photos too;)

  4. teaandscones

    Those look perfect and they were very easy. Repeat!

  5. We skipped the white chocolate at my house. Loved the orange, though. Yours look yummy!

  6. Your brownie buttons are super cute and look delicious! I liked the orange flavor! I didn’t have a lot of success with the white chocolate either.
    I love the dish your buttons are on – it is soo pretty!

  7. I thought that the white chocolate would go on much easier than it did, but it was really thick. Glad you liked it, though.

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