Classic Banana Bundt Cake TWD

I was so excited about this weeks recipe as I LOVE banana cake, banana loaf, banana muffins, whatever banana baked goodness I can get. The recipe was chosen by the Mary the Food Librarian. I dig this blog for a number of reasons; first, the photos are great and her food always looks so good; second she often uses beautiful pottery in her photos; and third, Mary is a librarian, just like me! Head on over to the Food Librarian’s virtual digs for the recipe and beautiful photos.


So this cake was super easy to make and really delicious. My dad even liked it and he claims not to eat banana baked goods. I thought about adding chocolate chips but the banana loving purist in me wouldn’t let it happen (it would be a delicious addition though). I will definately be making this one again, a real keeper. Thanks Mary for choosing a great recipe and super thanks for Dorie for giving us this treat.

6 responses to “Classic Banana Bundt Cake TWD

  1. Makes for a good snack at work.

  2. So glad you enjoyed it! I loved it, I’ve already received requests to make it again πŸ™‚

  3. IT looks so pretty with the flowers! Glad both you and your dad enjoyed it.

  4. Such a pretty shot of your cake! Glad you enjoyed it. I also thought about adding chocolate chips but decided against it. I’ll probably make it again and add them πŸ™‚

  5. Pretty pictures.. reminds me of a tropical island.. white linen background.. banan but then, where’s the rum? LOL!

  6. That’s funny about your dad liking your banana cake! =)
    It looks beautiful with the pretty flowers!

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