Brioche Apple Tart- Tuesday’s with Dorie

I love bread and my goal this summer is to work on my bread making skills so this was a perfect recipe for me (that and the fact that I am on vacation and Claire isn’t). I was pleased that Denise of Chez Us picked the Brioche Plum Tart as I have always wanted to try making brioche. Now I would have tried the plum version but I am vacationing at my mom’s house and she is an apple fan so I needed to switch it up. I used seedless raspberry jam and I added a half a teaspoon of cinnamon to the sugar mixture and omitted the nuts (bakers prerogative, nuts are not my fave).

Heading for the fridge

Heading for the fridge

Now given as I am new to bread I have to say this was a bit time consuming, the deflating and the refrigerating and warming, it seemed to be a time suck, not hard but it required a bit of attention. Needless to say I am glad that I am on vacation because I don’t think I would have time for this during the busy school year.

Ready for eating

Ready for eating

So all in all it turned out very well. It is nice to have people to bake for; however, both my mother and Lisa (my vacation partner) have indicated that I can’t bake all the time. Lisa is getting married in August and is concerned that I am going to mess with her wedding dress, I say she just needs to run a bit more! With all this time on my hands I can’t help it if I bake up a storm.

4 responses to “Brioche Apple Tart- Tuesday’s with Dorie

  1. Your tart looks perfect! Tell your friend to run another lap and have some more.

  2. This recipe seems to work with nearly every fruit and/or jam under the sun. Glad you liked this — I did, too.

  3. I’m really hoping running and baking cancel each other out! I don’t have a wedding dress to fit into, but I’d love to remain the same size (or smaller!)

  4. LOL! It is great to have someone to make for 🙂 They are always so appreciative! Your tart looks great and i bet the apples were wonderful.

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