I love strawberries!

Strawberry season is a personal favorite of mine. To me it symbolizes the start of summer and I really dig that delicious fruit. I thought I was going to miss this year’s season as I was in Kenya with my da. But given the lack of heat that we have been experiencing in Ontario, strawberry season was delayed (whoohoo). I  went strawberry picking on Canada Day (what could be more patriotic that picking red fruit on Canada Day?) with friends. I ended up making three different types of jam after realizing I still had TONS of last year’s berries in my freezer.  Despite the jam escapades I still had some strawbs left and I went searching for a recipe.

I went through my delicious tags and I found a recipe for strawberry scones over at Confessions of a Tart. I LOVE scones and since I came back to Canada by way of Ireland (where I ate my fair share), I was in a scone mood. This is how they turned out.

strawberry scones on a baking sheet

strawberry scones on a baking sheet

I guess since I had just eaten Irish scones my expectations were a little high. I thought they were okay, not enough sugar for my taste buds but once I put my fresh strawberry jam on them they were pretty darn tasty. The coworkers gave them the thumbs up, but then again, they will eat anything;) I think next time I will try adding strawberries to my momma’s scone recipe.

Scones on a plate

Scones on a plate

For the recipe and more artistic photos head on over here.

2 responses to “I love strawberries!

  1. Those are some quality strawberries.

  2. Those look wonderful! Love it.

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