TWD Perfect Party Cake meets Land Before Time

I was pretty excited when I found out this weeks recipe was a cake! Conveniently, our family was celebrating my niece’s 3rd birthday and I had already volunteered to make the cake as Caroline was out of the country! However, after some discussion with my co-workers I decided the cake needed some special touches to make it just right for a 3 year old.

My niece, has a few favourite things right now including princesses and dinosaurs. However, considering her current professional aspirations of becoming a paleontologist, I figured the dinosaur theme would be fun. Plus… I was getting her this really cool dinosaur toy for her birthday and I love themes!

So I picked up some dollar store dinosaurs and food colouring and after making the cake in Ottawa, I took everything home to Kingston for Sundays party. Thankfully Caroline was home so she helped with the decorating as I am not much of a free form artist! The final product was a fun and very yummy cake! I have one small confession though.. I used store bought icing. It was just easier for the busy weekend. However, considering I have already had more requests for this cake again, I promise next time to make the icing myself. However, since I’m not a big fan of buttercream, I will need to do some recipe hunting or useĀ  cream cheese icing I suppose!


I think the birthday girl loved her cake! Thanks to Carol of mix, mix… stir, stir and Dorie for all of the helpful hints! You can head on over to Carol’s site to see this weeks recipe.

Taste testing by the birthday girl

Taste testing by the birthday girl

5 responses to “TWD Perfect Party Cake meets Land Before Time

  1. Love it! My boys would go NUTS for the cake and the way you decorated it. They both seem to prefer the store bough frosting these days! Great job.

  2. What a cute cake (and your niece is adorable!)

  3. teaandscones

    CUTE cake. Used to make dinosaur cakes for son, but he has outgrown now. that looks perfect.

  4. That’s such an adorable cake!

  5. This cake was AMAZING – delicious and the decor was bang on.

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