Fresh Mango Bread TWD

I used to have a strong aversion to mango. Given as I love to travel to tropical countries, this fruit is frequently available to me and yet, I generally choose to pass them up. That is until last year, in Nicaragua, when all that changed. While studying Spanish in San Juan del Sur, the family I stayed with served them to me frequently. It seems that mangos were in season while the other fruit I normally ate were not. If I wanted to meet the 5-10 servings of fruit and veg I needed to eat them up. So after a few mangos I got over my aversion and even started to like them. Lucky for me because this week Kelly of Baking with the Boys picked Fresh Mango Bread.

Fresh Mango Bread

Fresh Mango Bread

I made this loaf for my turn at Snack Friday, which is coming up this week. I am pretty excited about it tasting it, it looks like it is a great loaf. Head on over to Tuesdays with Dorie to check out some other great blogs. I greatly appreciated the help I got chopping the mangos in the preparation stages of baking. As well, I’d like to give a shout out to Claire, who hooked me up with my brand new microplane zester and is literally in the middle of writing her licensing exams this week. Study hard Claire so you can get back to baking!

My new zester!

My new zester!

4 responses to “Fresh Mango Bread TWD

  1. Thanks Carrie! The loaf looks fabulous, as does the zester:)

  2. This looks terrific! I hope it’s a big hit with your tasters!

  3. Isn’t the zester a great tool to have? I never knew I needed one until I had it. The bread looks great.

  4. Your mango bread looks soo nice and plump! It rose really high! Hope you enjoy it on Snack Friday!

    I love my microplane too and even used it to grate fresh nutmeg into the bread! =) It’s a fun kitchen toy.

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