15 Minute Magic Chocolate Amaretti Torte TWD

I was intending to bake this while I was in Kingston for Easter, but after baking three different treats on Friday, I was baked out. I whipped up the torte this evening for a goodbye “Snack Friday” this week. Sarah our co-op student is finished so I am sending her off in Dorie style. When I pulled the torte out of the oven I realized that my oven racks weren’t in correctly, thus it is a little lopsided, my bad.  This really was a quick desert which makes it an excellent choice for mid-week baking. Thanks to Holly of Phe/Mom/enon for picking this recipe. Check out the other TWD bakers over at the mother blog. Can’t wait to try it on Friday!

Torte Times

Note: Our older sister has been complaining about the quality of our photos. I am the first one to admit that this photo is a titch lame. I think it could do with some pretty pink flowers or at least a nice table. But I have a paper to work on and I really don’t have any time for fancy photos so for now this will have to do.

8 responses to “15 Minute Magic Chocolate Amaretti Torte TWD

  1. I have trouble making great photos too. But I think your torte looks very pretty and tasty!

  2. I’m terrible at staging for my photos. I can rarely find the energy after spending all the time making whatever it is that I’ve baked 🙂 Your torte looks good to me!

  3. The photo part of any blog is tricky, isn’t it? The torte looks good to me, though!

  4. I wish I were a better photographer, too. So many TWDer’s are so creative! I’m just happy when I GET a photo before my family eats my creation.

    I love how shiny your glaze is. Mine always seem to turn kind of dull.

  5. Wow -your glaze looks absolutely smooth and shiny. Very nice! Your torte looks completely flat too – that probably helps! Nicely done this week!

  6. Your torte looks absulutely beautiful !!! I love the shiny and smooth glaze .. wow.. looks great !!

  7. Your glaze looks lovely!

  8. I’m all about how the dessert tastes, so my photos are usually very lame. I think yours looks great! And that glaze looks luxurious! What a nice send off for your student.

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