Better late than never…Guinness Chocolate Cake

This post is a little late as St. Patrick’s Day was last week but Tuesdays with Dorie was posted that day and then I forgot to put this up until tonight. Traditional Irish meals are not a very common occurrence in our house anymore. After many grumbles over Irish Stew and the like, my mum has stopped making them for dinner. So last Tuesday, when my dad called home to see what was for dinner he was a little upset (though I don’t think he should have been surprised) that my mum was planning a spaghetti dinner. I had a little chuckle to myself over this as my dad loves his potatoes while some other members of the family (me) do not share his love. He loves potatoes so much that he will often suggest that meals that are traditionally served with rice should have potatoes instead ie. Asian-inspired menus. So to make up for the lack of traditional Irish food at dinner, I made this cake.

Chocolate Guinness Cake

Guinness Chocolate Cake

This recipe comes for Annie’s Eats and I had been waiting for St. Patrick’s Day to give it a try. I halved the recipe because there is just the three of us at home and my dad has been complaining that since I have been home his waistline has paid the price! This cake was moist and delicious plus I love cream cheese icing!

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