TWD: Devils Food White Out Cake

First of all, I would like to thank Stephanie of Confessions of a City Eater for choosing this dessert. I was so excited for this because a) it is the cover cake! and b) I have never made a cake from scratch. I tend to stick to cupcakes, squares, and muffins so this was a great way to push myself into the world of cakes!

As some of you may know, I am currently in my last semester of university and I am doing placements. I had the opportunity to spend the first month in a fabulous pharmacy. On my last day at the pharmacy, we had a potluck. So I decided this would be a great opportunity to try out the cake. It went over very well and I only managed to sneak a tiny sliver home for my boyfriend so I think I will need to make it again for the family.

All and all the cake making went pretty well.I was making it after work and it was getting late, so instead of using the original icing I used a similar one that I knew would go great with the cake. It was a 7 minute frosting that I have used in the past for cupcakes. It seemed fairly similar to Dorie’s recipe. Next time I will use the original recipe when I have a little more time!




The picture of the cake was taken at the potluck and it was a little dark so sorry about the quality. Hopefully there will be more cakes and more pictures in the future!

2 responses to “TWD: Devils Food White Out Cake

  1. Great job on the cake! It looked wonderful.

  2. Your cake looks perfect! I am so eager to try your seven minute icing. I liked the marshmallow icing, but it was scary to make, and yours looks equally good and a little bit more foolproof!

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