TWD Round 2

So this week, I was in charge of the baking since Caroline worked very hard last week on the pear tart! I made these muffins on Sunday but I have yet to eat one! They are in the freezer because I wasn’t in the mood to eat them when they came out and we haven’t had any cornbread-friendly meals at my house this week. Not to mention the fact that neither of my parents actually like cornbread!

I opted to omit all of the spicy ingredients. I am a purist when it comes to most bread products and don’t love spicy things anyways! So I used Dorie’s suggestions and increased the sugar while getting rid of all the spice! Here are a few pics from the process.


I think I will take the muffins to Toronto with me this weekend to let Caroline and Neil do some taste testing! Hopefully they taste as good as they looked and smelled!


3 responses to “TWD Round 2

  1. Hope you enjoy them when you do eat them. Welcome to TwD 🙂

  2. I hope you and your taste testers enjoy them. They were really pretty good, especially with some soup or chili. WELCOME to TWD!!

  3. Hope you like them — we thought they were great!

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